The north shore, with its varied landscapes is the basis for my current body of work. It is an exploration of Lake Superior, great northern forests, and other ornaments which make this region unique. 

“The experience of painting over my photographs is very tactile and physical; it brings me deep into the image where I can explore every detail. With the fluid and sculptural attributes of the wax medium, I'm able to elevate the visceral properties of the photograph by building up, melting down, dry brushing and smoothing. My photography captures the beauty and emotion of the land, seasons and atmospheres. Encaustics helps seal in the intrinsic qualities of an image and elevates the piece to a state of timelessness.”

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Nadia Alenov graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2010. She is a full time encaustic fine art photographer and has a studio in St. Paul.  


Please contact me for encaustic commissions or studio visits.